Now we have literary "mixing" too

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"Mix-tape" even predates hiphop, as does "party-mix(es)." But not by
much. When I think about how long hiphop - in which word I include rap
- has been around, I'm shocked! Shocked! I long - for a dekkid or two
- considered it to be nothing but flash-in-the-pan "noise," in that
word's extended St. Louis-BE meaning of "ignorance, uselessness,
annoyance, crap, bullshit, unreason," etc., etc. Now, of course, I
have my own modest iTunes hiphop collection.


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>> > Now we have literary "mixing" too.  (Or perhaps
>> > this is not new to ADS-Lers?)  I'm not sure
>> > whether "mixing" as used in the headline, or
>> > "mixes" as in the article, are sufficient for the
>> > OED.  But perhaps it will spread -- or does it
>> > exist already?.  (Hegemann, being German,
>> > presumably has not said "mixing" in English.)
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>> >
>> The hiphop word is "sampling."
> Hiphop culture has plenty of "mixing" too. From my Word Routes column
> last year, musing on the eggcornish word _mixmash_:
> ---
> These days, _mix_ and _mash_ easily go hand in hand, with both words
> used to describe how snippets of music are blended together with
> modern production methods. Hiphop music has long had its _mix-masters_
> and _mix-tapes_, and since the '90s the word _mash-up_ has come to
> mean a song that merges elements from two or more other tunes (like a
> vocal track and an instrumental track) through computer trickery. The
> fusion of _mixmash_ is right at home in this mixed-up environment.
> ---
> --Ben Zimmer
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