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> Since childhood I've associated "Throw the bum [sic] out!"
> especially with
> baseball.
> Confirmation:
> 1941 Richards Vidmer, N.Y. Herald Tribune, in _Wisconsin State
> Journal_
> (Oct. 10) 20: The World Series can be summede [sic] up by a story that
> circulated in the press box as the scene shifted to Ebbetts Field....
> A stranger wandered into a Brooklyn bar feeling no pain and good
> will toward
> all....
> Then with a magnificent gesture he lifted his glass and with a beaming
> smile, in a loud voice, he said:
> "May the best team win."
> Whereupon the mob leaped upon him with snarls of anger and shouts of
> "T'row
> de bum out!" And when he woke up in the hospital he realized that even
> Brooklyn had no doubts about which was the better team.
> IIRC, the phrase was more typically applied to opposing players.
> GB indicates that the Communist _Daily Worker_ ran an anti-McCarthy
> editorial in 1954 under the headline, "Throw the Bum Out!"
> No complete or direct view of a source is offered.
> As a political byword, "Throw the bums out!" sounds to me like
> something
> from only [sic!] the last fifteen or twenty years.
> JL
My guess would be more like fifty or sixty.  Definitely asssociated
with the Dodgers' games.  (BC: before CA)

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