Silent double-L? [seriously OT]

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> A few of french origin, like maillot and paillard

Hey, Steve:

Another one to mark down to the Law of Unintended Consequences, but by
"paillard" (OED2: palliard, n. and adj), do you mean a member of Harman's
Original Seventh Order of Thieves and Vagabonds (aka a clapperdudgeon)?

Or a French cookery reference, that would embrace both maillot and paillard?

{Damn!!  Maybe there *is more mileage in a direct Early Middle French impact
on 16thC English thieves' cant via coquillard than there is for Alice
Becker-Ho's argument in _Princes of Jargon_ that, "It's All Down To The

<Another moral from this song might be that Wilson Gray's project of
teaching-by-showing is a seriously sick chickun [sic], which depends on a
complex interaction of context and audience, and an assumption of a degree
of sophistication on the part of the auditors.

Which does not always hold.


I'd worried when I followed up Wilson's Blank Content post(s) by an
explication ...

(Proviso:  Nothing I say here has been read by Wilson Gray or should be
interpreted in any possible way to suggest that I can read his mind or that
he in the least endorses anything I say here or elsewhere, but ...)

... I did worry that, In Explaining, I was playing Dumb Student to his Zen
Master koan, and I might simply be smearing my thumbprints over his cards

        ... or maybe not.

ADS-l  is the second sharpest list I've encountered that actually seems to,
not just acknowledge but deploy, the functional pertinency of the use of
multiple registers as a formal epistemological technique.

            Or summat.

Given that the only other one I know, poetryetc, is currently, glumly, as a
collective, trying to explain, without using these terms, that there is a
difference between playing hetronym games and deploying a persona, and comes
down to it, what matters is doing something well rather from doing it at all


So anyway,

    Justathot from not-a-Grunt


(Gotmittunz -- All Uz Chickuns Got Boots)

One Last Thot:

As to A-B H -- what do you expect.

... Oh dear, I'm beginning to remember ...  Left wing pananoia, and when
"they" insisted on burning the ballots of all those who voted for Danny the
Red in the Glasgow Rectorail Election in 1968 ...

All of us on the left were screaming "Typical Liberal Paranoia" ...

That was *before The Night of the Long Knives (Glasgow 1968 Version) :

Sometimes the liberals get right.




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>> Are there any English words with a silent double-L in the middle?
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