"Living Large"

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Fri May 13 03:10:04 UTC 2011

 From G-books:

1841: <<He was always buying, and living large; but that can't last for


1853: <<Did I tell you that I was dependent upon her for all my
prospects, and that I was living large upon the prospective "cutting up"
of old Terry Pinn?>>


"1952" (untrustworthy Google Books date): <<For it is not as if these
Basuto were living large and free.>>


Here is an intermediate date:

 From Hathi Trust:

[1914] (date from library catalogue): <<When money was plentiful he
lived large and drank between drinks as long as he was able to stand on
his feet.>>

Patrick MacGill, _Children of the Dead End: The Autobiography of an
Irish Navvy_ (Dutton [New York]), pp. 102-3

[Note that the title with "... an Irish Navvy" appears in the book while
the library catalogue shows only "... a Navvy".]

-- Doug Wilson

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