Churchill quote: spurious?

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Sat May 14 17:55:01 UTC 2011

Yaa.  The Brits have invaded US media.  Proof - CNN.  Piers Morgan replacing Larry King.  Lots of British accents in the newsroom.  Unnecessary.  One CNN black lady reporter spoke of the flooding on the Mississippi with a big time UK accent.  At 10pm.  What is that?  IS there no US talent up to the task?  Blimey.

As a US kid I never heard a British accent in media until the Beatles and the British invasion of music, which I still enjoy very much.  But British newscasters of US News on US stations?  Strange.

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> Subject: Churchill quote: spurious?
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> A conservative contributor to CNN has just uttered the following: "As
> Winston Churchill said, 'You can count on the American people to do the
> right thing - once they've exhausted every other option.'"
> My vote is that it's Memorex, not real, but I'm only guessing. I haven't
> found anything like it in YBQ.
> I can remember when it was Lincoln and Mark Twain who used to say
> everything. This Churchill and Orwell business seems ominous somehow.
> JL
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