Quote: Supposed Lincoln quote traces to Alphonse Karr - help with French requested

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Sat Nov 16 21:07:15 UTC 2013

GO'T: <<Do you think that Karr was stating that the authorship of the verse was
WB:  Karr (?) was just pretending to want to protect the poet's anonymity?
So that Karr actually wanted to out the poet? This is all so

Let us say in passing since everything interests a great poet (?), that the
favorite flower of Monsieur Victor Hugo is this delightful little white &
rose bindweed/convolvolus of the hedge-rows which exudes a so delicious
odor of bitter almond. Let us humbly & sneakily slip in here four lines
about roses & their thorns; the author wants to appear to desire to protect
the anonymous writer.

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