Antedating of "Gung Ho"

W Brewer brewerwa at GMAIL.COM
Sun Apr 13 11:26:13 UTC 2014

WB: gung ho <-- kung ho --> gong he

Kung-yeh Ho-tsoh-she^ 'Industrial Cooperatives'  (Wade-Giles notation) -->
Kung Ho & Indusco. Wade-Giles <k-> 'Mercanized to <g->.
Gongye Hezuoshe (pinyin)

<gong1-ye4> 'industry'
            gong1 'labor, laborer, workman, job, man hours'
              ye4 'property, profession, trade, calling, instruction,
<he2-zuo4-she4>  'cooperative society'
            he2-zuo4 'to join, cooperation'
                        he2 'to shut, to enclose, to close'
                        zuo4 'to make, to act, to write, to compose, to
rise; work'
              shè 'god of the soil, an association, organization, agency,

Q:  Was the USMC ever investigated for promulgating a communist acronym?

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