Antedating of "Gung Ho"

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In a sense yes. USMC Col. Albert F. Moe wrote an excellent scholarly
article on the expression for American Speech in the early '60s.

Otherwise, Evans Carlson retired in 1946 and died of heart failure in 1947
at the age of 51. So he was spared any McCarthyite embarrassment.

Acc. to Wacki, Gen. David Shoup once described Carlson as "red but...not


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> WB: gung ho <-- kung ho --> gong he
> Kung-yeh Ho-tsoh-she^ 'Industrial Cooperatives'  (Wade-Giles notation) -->
> Kung Ho & Indusco. Wade-Giles <k-> 'Mercanized to <g->.
> Gongye Hezuoshe (pinyin)
> <gong1-ye4> 'industry'
>             gong1 'labor, laborer, workman, job, man hours'
>               ye4 'property, profession, trade, calling, instruction,
> business'
> <he2-zuo4-she4>  'cooperative society'
>             he2-zuo4 'to join, cooperation'
>                         he2 'to shut, to enclose, to close'
>                         zuo4 'to make, to act, to write, to compose, to
> rise; work'
>               sh=C3=A8 'god of the soil, an association, organization,
> agen=
> cy,
> ...'
> Q:  Was the USMC ever investigated for promulgating a communist acronym?
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