Precise Citation for Major Antedating of Euphemistic Sense of "Make Love"

W Brewer brewerwa at GMAIL.COM
Sun Aug 24 05:55:01 UTC 2014

LH, if I wasn't so timid, I'd try the Acade'mie franc,aise website, find
tabs La Langue franc,aise, Questions de langue:
<<Si vous vous interrogez sur d’autres points de langue, le Service est la`
pour vous re'pondre. Remplissez le formulaire : Service du Dictionnaire.>>
Better not make any faux pas in your formulaire. They're touchy that way.
They never stop improving the French language, that's for sure. Today, they
suggest using <mot die`se> instead of <hashtag>, <donne'es ouvertes>
instead of <open data>, <e'reintage> for <bashing>, <recyclage valorisant>
for <upcycling>, <mole'culture> for <biopharming>. Remember, say <recueil
le'gal>, not <kafala>.

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