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Subject:      Re: "go to school on"

>Here is some information about the phrase "go to school on" from a
>glossary of golf terms. Further below are citations in 1962 and 1967
>(GB date).

>[Begin excerpt]
>LYNN CHURCH of West Covina's South Hills CC did more than go to school
>on his tee shot on the 155-yard No. 17. He went to "church" with it,
>scoring an ace.
>[End excerpt]

Now how big a coincidence is that? I grew up about a 5-iron from the South
Hills CC in West Covina, walked by it every day on my way to South Hills
High School. Getting a little teary-eyed here...

>Andy Cuomo must be a golfer. "Go to school on" = "learn something from" is
>common and old golfing term (well, I can attest to 60 years or so of use,
>that counts as old).

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Subject:      "go to school on"

'To learn from':

Andy Cuomo to NYC public health official:

"So did you go to school on what happened in Dallas?"

It's been around for at least a year or so.


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