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Parentheses don't always work well. If you're writing a piece that requires
parenthetical source citations, other uses of parentheses can be
distracting, if not downright confusing.


Using semicolons to separate list-items that contain commas is a standard
orthographic practice. You'll find it in just about every style manual in
existence (e.g., Oxford, Garner, Chicago, Cambridge, and MLA 7--before MLA 8
eliminated all its non-citation style requirements). I don't know about the
NYT style guide in particular, but I'd be surprised if it were any



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Wilson's original NYT cite: "... in Chicago; St. Louis; Orlando, Fla.; and
suburban Henry County, Ga."


I'd do as:


              "... in Chicago, St. Louis, Orlando (Fla.), and suburban Henry
County, Ga."


... where by the time we reach suburban Henry County, the context
disambiguates the final comma.  


"... Henry County (Ga.)." strikes me as a little picky, even though the
parens should possibly be there for the sake of consistency with "(Fla.)".


[Though as a poor benighted Brit, I may be getting my geographical
abbreviations in a twist.]


Robin Hamilton


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