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> From: Laurence Horn

Also, because of the difference between French and English, "le rouge et le
noir" could in principle (although not in Stendhal's case) refer to a red man
and a black man, while "the red and the black" can only refer to either the
colors themselves or the life choices those colors metonymically stand for via
(if memory serves) military and clerical garb respectively. It's been more
decades than I care to admit, both for the book and the excellent movie with
Gérard Philippe as Sorel.



Or the colours of roulette balls (which I've always, rightly or wrongly, taken
Stendhal to refer to)?

There's also, eminently or notoriously, the colours of the Anarchist flag.


("Under which flag, Bakinin?" -- "The red and the black, obviously, mon petit

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