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> Also, because of the difference between French and English, "le rouge et le
> noir" could in principle (although not in Stendhal's case) refer to a red man
> and a black man, while "the red and the black" can only refer to either the
> colors themselves or the life choices those colors metonymically stand for via
> (if memory serves) military and clerical garb respectively. It's been more
> decades than I care to admit, both for the book and the excellent movie with
> Gérard Philippe as Sorel.
> LH
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> Or the colours of roulette balls (which I've always, rightly or wrongly, taken
> Stendhal to refer to)?

Yes, little-known fact:  his original title was "Le pair et l'impair", but the later version allowed for more colorful cover art.

> There's also, eminently or notoriously, the colours of the Anarchist flag.
> RH.
> ("Under which flag, Bakinin?" -- "The red and the black, obviously, mon petit
> chou.")
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