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Am sad to report that "The Distressed Rake" in ECCO has no connectio n with
"The Unfortunate Rake."

It begins,

If I had my dear, without dread or fear,
Standing before the altar,
The Mass celebrated to the Congregation,
I never would part with my darling.

He later regrets this attitude, but not for the same reason as the
unfortunate rake.

Of the remaining three songs, "The Gobbio" and "The New Dhooraling" are
couched in bawdy double entendres, and "The Limerick Dandy-O" praises
(discreetly) the charms of a prostitute.


On Fri, Oct 14, 2016 at 11:19 AM, Robin Hamilton <
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> I've just discovered that the late 18thC Limerick (Ireland) printer William
> Goggin issued an eight-page pamphlet with the title, _The Distressed Rake_
> (details after my signature).
> If the first three words of the title song (Goggin's pamphlets, or at
> least the
> ones I've seen, usually contain 4-5 separate and often completely
> unconnected
> songs) read "As I was walking ..." or any variant thereof, then what we
> have is
> a crucial text in a song-tradition reaching from Dublin and Cork in the
> 1790s,
> via St James's Infirmary in London, to finally end up outside Tom
> Sherman's bar
> room in Laredo.
> If the Groggin text is what I suspect it is -- and the date, the title,
> and the
> nature of the material that Goggin usually printed all suggest that
> there's a
> good chance that this is the case -- then the text is more than important.
> Unfortunately, at this point, as an Independent Scholar [sic], I'm stuck.
> While
> I have access to pre-1700 texts, I don't have access to ECCO.
> Anyone on the list able and willing to help me out?  It may turn out that
> this
> is a blind alley, but if not, well ...
> Robin Hamilton
> ____________________________________
> Details from ESTC:
> ESTC System No. 006234296
> ESTC Citation No. T34711
> Title The distressed rake to which is added, The Gobbio, The Limerick
> Dandy-O.
> The new Dhooraling. No. 5
> Publisher/year Limerick : printed by W. Goggin. Book-Seller and Stationer,
> Corner of Bridge-Street, where Country Chapmen may be supplied with
> Histories,
> Manuals, Primmers, Spelling-Books, large and small Pictures, plain or
> painted,
> Ballads, and every other Article in the Book-Selling and Stationary
> Business, on
> cheaper Terms than at any other Shop, [1790?]
> Physical descr. 8p. ; 8⁰.
> Electronic location Eighteenth Century Collections Online. Gale
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