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My parents, from Indiana and transplanted to Los Angeles in 1953 or so, said
Los An-guh-less with a hard g. They were in good company: Sam Yorty, mayor
of LA from 1961 to 1973, never called it anything else, though he tended to
make "eez" out of the "es", as in Los An-guh-leez. A lot of people said/say
"eez" with both hard and soft g, famously Arlo Guthrie "Coming into Los
An-gel-eez, Bringin in a couple a keys."  And it wasn't Sam Elliot. It was
Robert Mitchum, who narrated the opening and closing scenes of the movie.
Mitchum had originally been hired to play Old Man Clanton, but he and the
part were cut after he fell off his horse and hurt his back.

> "... Tom Mix wept."

As Sheriff Mike Shaw of the old Tom Mix radio show would exclaim,

"Bow my legs and call me 'bandy'!"

>  I lived in Los Angeles, but the only time I heard Los Angeles 
> pronounced with a hand G was by Sam Elliot in the movie Tombstone.
> "Wyatt Earp died in Los Angeles. Among the pallbearers at his funeral 
> were early Western movie stars William S. Hart and Tom Mix.Tom Mix wept."

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