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Odd. I poked around and some dictionaries give the literal meaning of meal
ticket along with the nonliteral meanings (dictionary.com and Macmillan),
and some don't (Oxford and Merriam-Webster). If anyone is interested: Here
in Brazil, virtually every employer gives virtually every employee a meal
ticket to use to pay for lunch. These days, the meal tickets are mostly
pre-paid debit cards provided by various companies, the worldwide
food-service company Sodexo being one. The tickets are known by various
names, the most common being "vale alimentação" - food voucher - and "ticket
refeição" - literally, meal ticket. Restaurants in commercial areas are all
packed at lunchtime with folks using their meal tickets, which is good for

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Got a letter from a local charity soliciting donations to allow for the
provision of _meal-tickets_ to the poor. Didn't know that "meal-ticket" had
a literal meaning.

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