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"Double tap" is not in the OED.  

Gerry Gore _Handguns for self-defence: a South African Guide_  Macmillan, 1979  p. 95 [Google books snippet]
"When you can draw and fire two rounds, reload and fire another double tap in less than five seconds, you will know that you are getting fairly proficient."

Tony Geraghty _Who Dares Wins: The story of the Special Air Service, 1950-1980_ London : Book Club Associates, 1980, p174 [Google books snippet]
"The assault group members have to be able to burst into a room in pairs and (as described on pages 213-214) instantly fire two pistol rounds or short, controlled bursts of automatic fire -- the 'double tap' -- into each terrorist, aiming for the head."

_Durham [NC] Morning Herald_ 5 Dec 1981 p 3C col 3
"Barefoot said police officers are taught to automatically "double tap" or fire their weapons twice in rapid succession."

John E. Gardner _License Renewed_ [James Bond] Berkley, 1982. (Hardback edition exists in 1981) p. 249 [Google books snippet]
"In all he fired twice:  two bursts of two -- the "Double Tap" as the SAS call it -- the .357 ammunition exploding like a cannon in the confines of the cabin."


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