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>  Conventional wiz credits this to the movie _Apollo 13_ (1995).

Saturday, Jul 18, 1987
Portland, OR
"'Failure is not an option,' he said."
[In an article about a guy crossing the country in a wheelchair, raising money/awareness for something or other.]

Thomas S. Nagel, Paul T. Richman _ Competency-Based Instruction: A Strategy to Eliminate Failure_.  Columbus, OH: Charles E. Merrill Publ. Co.  1972. p. 78
"We hope that you will develop your own modules, and, by so doing, create a positive climate for learning in your classroom where failure is not an option."

_Rhode Island Medical Journal_ Jan-Feb 1980 v63 nos 1-2 p 27 col 2
"In view of the long term risks of obesity, the associated medical conditions and the limited alternatives, this medical approach seems promising, and we feel that failure is not an option at the Obesity & Risk Factor Program."

Robert Harold Schuller, _The Peak to Peek Principle_. NY: Jove Books, 1982. p.3
[This is the PB edition.  The HB edition was from Simon & Schuster in 1980.]
"Failure is not an option for the person who treasures his self-respect and really cares about other persons."

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