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*From Mansfield & Ashfield Chad <https://www.chad.co.uk>, a UK online

*Ey up mi duck - 11 Notts words you might not know*
*Lost words of Nottinghamshire are being celebrated in a new exhibition at
Mansfield Library.*

By Jon Ball
Wednesday, 9th March 2022, 2:21 pm

A desire to ‘resurrect and continue the use of some typical Nottinghamshire
dialect’ is the driving force behind the exhibition, which runs at the town
centre library, on West Gate, until April 17

The Lost Words of Nottinghamshire project aimed to engage school children
with the county’s language and dialect in a series of workshops supported
by artist Hannah Sawtell and poet Andrew Graves.

The results of their workshops are now on display at the library.   *[See
below* — MAM]*

And Prof Natalie Braber, a professor of linguistics at Nottingham Trent
University <https://www.chad.co.uk/topic/nottingham-trent-university>, who
delivered the project, has shared 11 words with your Chad to see if any of
our readers know them.

She said: ““Our language is an important part of our local identity and
there are many dialect words which are typical of Nottinghamshire.”

And there is a chance for people to get involved at a Lost Words workshop
with Andrew at the library on March 26.

A spokesman said: “He’ll take you on a weird and wonderful journey through
the Nottinghamshire dialect, showing you how to construct poetry and
stories using old, familiar and lost terms and expressions.”




*Notts dialect celebrated at new Mansfield library exhibition*
*A desire to resurrect and continue the use of some typical Nottinghamshire
dialect has been the driving force behind a new exhibition at Mansfield
Central Library.*

— Mark Mandel

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