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> Oops, I obviously have been leading a sheltered life (thanks to my
> trusty rapid unscheduled disassembly before stage separation shield).
> Thanks for the clarification, Garson.
> There's nothing worse than an unenergetic, dare I say lackadaisical,
> disassembly.
> LH

I had the exact same thought re: nominating it. So, consider the 
nomination seconded. I think this meets the "newly relevant" criteria.

What may be the important bit is that this is a self-destruction. What 
Garson turned up was not applied to tragedies like the Challenger and 
Columbia explosions, for example. With Starship my understanding is that 
some engines failed, it tumbled, and they blew it up to prevent it from 
becoming a large projectile headed earthward.

My dad was a rocket scientist when I was born and I've followed rocketry 
and the space program casually ever since childhood and haven't heard 
this phrase before. But that and $8 will get you a grande at Starschmucks.

---Amy West

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