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> OED has fig. (and obs.?) "put over a fast one" from 1913, making it the
> earliest "fast one" (shrewd or deceptive maneuver)

Here's a figurative example from 1910:

Joliet (Ill.) Evening Herald, Sep. 22, 1910, p. 1, col. 5
"Put Over a Fast One" on Proud Senior Lads
In order to "put one over" on the proud and haughty seniors, a quartette of
junior high school students leased a mammoth one horse shay and became a
part of the Moose parade. They decorated the carriage with class colors and
"1912" and shouted their class yell many times.

OED has "put one over" in the sense "to perpetrate (a deception or hoax) on
a person" from 1905.


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