[Ads-l] Dialog: "How do you go about having good ideas?" "You have a lot of ideas and throw away the bad ones"

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Fri Mar 24 07:23:18 UTC 2023

This is a follow-up message to the thread initiated by Stephen
Goranson on March 18, 2023. I have now posted an article on the topic.
Citations begin in 1960. The full quotation appears in 1969.

Full version:

Abbreviated version:

While researching I came across a website section created by the
Valley Library of Oregon State University in Corvallis which contains
manuscripts, letters, audio clips, and more about Linus Pauling.

As mentioned in the QI article, the archive includes a document dated
1973 containing the quotation and a 1977 audio clip from a Nova
television program during which Pauling speaks the quotation.


[Begin acknowledgement]
Great thanks to Stephen Goranson whose message led QI to formulate
this question and perform this exploration.
[End acknowledgement]


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