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Ursula Hanly ursula.hanly at
Wed Dec 1 16:58:44 UTC 1999

Can anyone tell me if any of the following kin terms in Tanna (Southern
Vanuatu) have cognates in other OC languages and if so what they mean, and
if they are reflexes of POC terms?  Any help most gratefully appreciated.

timin:  father
iten:  mother
noatun:  man's elder brother, woman's elder sister
noatahan:  man's younger brother, woman's younger sister
nauvnen:  man's sister
namanin:  woman's brother
uhun:  father's sister, mother's brother's wife, spouses' mother
un:  mother's brother, father's sister's husband, spouse's father
rahniaunian:  man's sister's child, daughter's husband, son's wife
noein:  woman's brother's child
netin iaruman:  son
netin petan:  daughter
tupun:  grandparent
mwipun:  grand child

Per Hage
Department of Anthropology
University of Utah
Salt Lake City, UT 84112, USA

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