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John Lynch lynch_j at VANUATU.USP.AC.FJ
Wed Dec 1 21:02:14 UTC 1999

> Can anyone tell me if any of the following kin terms in Tanna
> (Southern
> Vanuatu) have cognates in other OC languages and if so what they mean,
> and
> if they are reflexes of POC terms?  Any help most gratefully
> appreciated.
> Ursula:
> This looks like Whitesands language (East Tanna), in rather wobbly
> orthography. All show 3 singular possessive suffix -n. Some of these
> are reflexes of Proto Oceanic (POc) reconstructions, as follows:
> timin:  father   POc *tama
> iten:  mother  POc *tina
> noatun:  man's elder brother, woman's elder sister
> noatahan:  man's younger brother, woman's younger sister
> POc *taci
> nauvnen:  man's sister  POc *pine
> namanin:  woman's brother  POc *mwaqane
> uhun:  father's sister, mother's brother's wife, spouses' mother
> un:  mother's brother, father's sister's husband, spouse's father
> rahniaunian:  man's sister's child, daughter's husband, son's wife
> noein:  woman's brother's child
> netin iaruman:  son  POc *natu 'child' *tamwaqane 'male'
> netin petan:  daughter
> tupun:  grandparent  POc *tubu
> mwipun:  grand child  POc *makubu
> Per Hage
> Department of Anthropology
> University of Utah
> Salt Lake City, UT 84112, USA

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