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Please excuse me, Waruno, if I cherry-pick a couple of bits from your very interesting post:
  "I agree too, that that "Sumatra" list is indeed Chinese as Ross Clark
inferred. Xiamen (formerly known as Amoy) is also referred to as
South Fujian (old spelling: S. Fukien or Fookien), and is a major
source of Chinese loanwords in Jakarta Malay (Betawi). There had
already been a large Chinese community in Jakarta before English and
Dutch "factories" or later the fort Batavia was set up there".
  What is it that makes (in particular) the Fukien, Fookien, Amoy, Xiamen people such wonderful traders?
  Here, in the Philippines, we have 'taipans'
  Lucio Tan - see:
  Eduardo Cojuangco:
and dear sweet Corazon Aquino who benefited from the 'Peoples 
  Revolution' - Eduardo's cousin
  They're Chinese (specifically Fukien) traders and they run everything everywhere. I even have to buy a new saucepan from Fookien Trading in Surigao.
  I've come across them all over - in Madagascar Fukien Chinese run 
  trading stores in the deep forest, and the only restaurants with edible 
  food anywhere. In Yemen, they were the ones who made the N-S road that 
  crosses something like the Grand Canyon on the way.
  So it isn't so difficult to build up a resentment towards them; as 
  Suharto did 
"The ethnic Chinese were also targeted, primarily for economic and 
  racial reasons. The embassy of the PRC was overrun by demonstrators and 
Moderator - if I'm crossing the line, and bringing 'politics' into the 
  discussion, then please slam me down
  "Today I at last got an opportunity to drop by at the rare-editions
section of the State Library".
Envy: My nearest 'paper' library is a 5-day sea voyage away.

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