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> They're Chinese (specifically Fukien) traders and they run everything 
> everywhere. I even have to buy a new saucepan from Fookien Trading in 
> Surigao.
> I've come across them all over - in Madagascar Fukien Chinese run
> trading stores in the deep forest, and the only restaurants with edible
> food anywhere. In Yemen, they were the ones who made the N-S road that
> crosses something like the Grand Canyon on the way.
> So it isn't so difficult to build up a resentment towards them; as
> Suharto did

> Moderator - if I'm crossing the line, and bringing 'politics' into the
> discussion, then please slam me down

You call this "politics"?  I call this racism, of the kind that was 
responsible for the anti-Chinese massacres in Indonesia just a very few 
years ago.  In fact, your language reads remarkably like that which was 
(and in some places still is) traditionally used with reference to the Jews.

Moderator, please take this person's advice and slam him down.

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