Sydney Parkinson's Savu list (Waruno Mahdi) Fukien etc

Richard Parker richardparker01 at YAHOO.COM
Mon Apr 2 03:19:36 UTC 2007

  I understand your feeling, and that's why I tried my very best to be very, very careful.
  I know about the Indonesian massacres of Chinese traders, which is why I mentioned them, specifically, in my post. 
  The parallel between Jewish traders in Europe in the last millenium, and Fukien traders in SE Asia, in the last half-millenium, is obvious. Both suffered pogroms by envious local natives, and neither of them deserved it. 
  Those western and eastern pogroms were not massacres against against any particular race (although they became so, very quickly, because that was easier).
  If they hadn't made their uprisings so directed towards some particular identifiable 'race' I think we might still be celebrating something like 'The Boston Tea Party' 
  But the mere mentioning of obvious and real historical facts doesn't mean that I'm a 'racist'. 
  I think you're over-dosing a bit on a local national agenda. 
  Let's keep such stuff between us alone, and off the list.
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