Question on IPA fonts; HTML

Mike Cleven ironmtn at BIGFOOT.COM
Tue Mar 2 06:41:58 UTC 1999

I'm going through Hancock's book by handtyping, as it won't scan the IPA
characters properly, nor the underlining used for all the Jargon words.
The typeface is also an old-style manual typewriter, which doesn't OCR well
anyway, so I'm stuck to doing it by hand.

Originally I started out because David and Tony hand wanted copies, which I
was going to digitally produce.  I'd said I would zip JPG'd scans of them,
but even those would be large bundles as there are around 40 8x10 pages.
And because I'm stuck to ASCII for e-mail, I've considered just doing the
whole thing in proper phonetic/IPA format in HTML so it can just be added
to my site.  So can someone direct me to the charactersets and any special
fonts necessary for rendering IPA in HTML?  I know it's all that &char23;
stuff but I'm hoping there might be some kind of way to ease having to pick
through it with the number codes.  Maybe there's a special keyboard map or

Mike Cleven
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