Question on IPA fonts; HTML

Henry Kammler henry.kammler at STADT-FRANKFURT.DE
Tue Mar 2 12:58:53 UTC 1999

Hi Mike,

> I'm going through Hancock's book by handtyping, as it won't scan the IPA
> characters properly, nor the underlining used for all the Jargon words.
> The typeface is also an old-style manual typewriter, which doesn't OCR well
> anyway, so I'm stuck to doing it by hand.

I don't know which solution would be more work but if you try the software Fine
Reader 4.0, I think it's from Bit Soft, a Russion forge, it may work even with
bad originals. The fully functional Try & Buy version lets you make 50
multipaged scans (i.e. you can try 50 times a 40 page scan before you have to
reinstall), you can set up your own alphabet file (using bitmap templates)
which would even enable you to arbitrarily replace glyphs in the original (like
replacing "sch" with "$"). It comes with a 40-languages support and thus is
quite big for downloading (like 40Mb) but has been floating around on cover cds
for a while.

> Maybe there's a special keyboard map or
> something?

Try Keyman, the keyboard manager downloadable at the SIL website:

It's auxiliary keymap generator Tike lets you assign any text string to any key
combination. You can switch between several keyboard layouts with a mouse click
or a hot key. Very very handy.


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