Sources of CJ recorded in the Inland NW

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Tue Mar 2 08:03:16 UTC 1999

LaXiyEm, kanawi-Laksta,

At a bookstore here in Spokane today, I found 2 copies of "Conquest of the
Great Northwest" by Lauran Paine (New York:  Robert M. McBride, 1959).
They were both too expensive for my budget, but I noticed a tantalizing
thing in the later chapters...

Dialogue in Chinook Jargon between United States Army soldiers and
Qualchan of the Yakama people (son of Owhi the Yakama war chief) is
reported.  Footnotes apparently substantiate that this dialogue comes from
one or more diaries of soldiers present at the events leading to the
hanging of Qualchan at Latah Creek.

An example of the dialogue:  'Cah mitlite mika tyee?' (Where is your

I believe that the majority of the reportage we've inherited of these
events is from Lieutenant Lawrence Kip.  My copy of "The Jesuits and the
Indian Wars of the Northwest" by Robert Ignatius Burns, S.J. (Moscow,
Idaho:  University of Idaho Press, 1966) has the following 2 items by
Kip in its bibliography:

"Army Life on the Pacific:  A Journal of the Expedition against the
Northern Indians, the Tribes of the Coeur d'Alenes, Spokans, and Pelouzes,
in the Summer of 1858."  New York, 1859.  Reprinted in The Magazine of
History, Extra No. 30, New York, 1914.

"The Indian Council in the Valley of the Walla Walla."  San Francisco,
1855.  Reprinted Tarrytown, NY, 1915.  Also reprinted as The Indian
Council at Walla Walla, May and June 1855, a Journal, University of
Oregon, Contributions of the Department of Economics and History, Sources
of the History of Oregon, I, Eugene, OR, 1897.

Happy reading!

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