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Tue Mar 2 21:38:39 UTC 1999

Tansi Dave and List!

I am brand new to this list.  I am a Metis from the St.Louis-Batoche,
Saskatchewan area.  I am a writer/producer/photographer eager to learn
more about Metis history, culture, language and traditions.

Do we have any Metis "linguistic experts" on this list?

The Metis local that I belong to would like to have the words "EQUALITY,
DIGNITY AND RIGHTS" engraved onto a memorial plaque we are putting
together (to honour our elders and ancestors).  Might anyone on this
list be able to venture a Metis/Michif  translation of the words,

And how might those translated Michif words differ and vary in the
Chinook tongue?

Thanks in advance,

David Robertson wrote:
> LaXiyEm, kanawi-Laksta,
> At a bookstore here in Spokane today, I found 2 copies of "Conquest of the
> Great Northwest" by Lauran Paine (New York:  Robert M. McBride, 1959).
> They were both too expensive for my budget, but I noticed a tantalizing
> thing in the later chapters...
> Dialogue in Chinook Jargon between United States Army soldiers and
> Qualchan of the Yakama people (son of Owhi the Yakama war chief) is
> reported.  Footnotes apparently substantiate that this dialogue comes from
> one or more diaries of soldiers present at the events leading to the
> hanging of Qualchan at Latah Creek.
> An example of the dialogue:  'Cah mitlite mika tyee?' (Where is your
> chief?)
> I believe that the majority of the reportage we've inherited of these
> events is from Lieutenant Lawrence Kip.  My copy of "The Jesuits and the
> Indian Wars of the Northwest" by Robert Ignatius Burns, S.J. (Moscow,
> Idaho:  University of Idaho Press, 1966) has the following 2 items by
> Kip in its bibliography:
> "Army Life on the Pacific:  A Journal of the Expedition against the
> Northern Indians, the Tribes of the Coeur d'Alenes, Spokans, and Pelouzes,
> in the Summer of 1858."  New York, 1859.  Reprinted in The Magazine of
> History, Extra No. 30, New York, 1914.
> "The Indian Council in the Valley of the Walla Walla."  San Francisco,
> 1855.  Reprinted Tarrytown, NY, 1915.  Also reprinted as The Indian
> Council at Walla Walla, May and June 1855, a Journal, University of
> Oregon, Contributions of the Department of Economics and History, Sources
> of the History of Oregon, I, Eugene, OR, 1897.
> Happy reading!
> Dave
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