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Sally Thomason sally at THOMASON.ORG
Thu Mar 4 19:39:14 UTC 1999

   Bob Rock asked about Michif words for equality, dignity, and
rights.  I checked the only dictionary I have of Michif -- "The
Michif Dictionary: Turtle Mountain Chippewa Cree", by Patline
Laverdure and Ida Rose Allard, and edited by John C. Crawford
(Winnipeg: Pemmican Publications, Inc., 1983).  Unfortunately, only
one of the words Bob asked for is listed in it: drway "rights", from
French droits.  However, since all the nouns in Michif
are of French origin (well, almost all -- there are five Cree
nouns), one could without too much stretching invent words for
the other two concepts: "equality" is egalite' in French and should
be egalitee in Michif; dignity is dignite' in French and should
be dinyitee in Michif.  By "should be", I mean that the Michif
spelling (and, roughly, the pronunciation) would be expected to
be egalitee and dinyitee, respectively; but of course it isn't
always the case that the most obvious French word turns out to be
the actual Michif word.  It is also of course possible that there
*are* actual Michif words for both concepts, but that Laverdure &
Allard happened not to include them in their dictionary.

  -- Sally Thomason

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