Mitchif vs. French vs. English

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Sat Mar 6 05:49:16 UTC 1999

Responding to the McDonald family:


>>I was talking to a friend of mine at the UPEI newspaper who's from Québec
>>province -- actually, Québec city, to be precise. She said that quite a few
>>people in the greater Montréal area, both Anglophone and Francophone, pick
>>up both languages too young (?) and end up speaking both languages with a
>>heavy accent.

She's wrong.  If they end up speaking both languages with accents she
finds heavy, and they learned both very young, it's almost certainly
because of the accents of the folks they learned them from, not because
of how young they were at the time.

>>of PEI, and to Nova Scotia. I know some older people in their 30's who go to
>>UPEI and speak with a slight Scottish burr.

"Older people in their 30's"?  Now what does that mean? (I'm coming up on
my 45th birthday here this month.)  Are you saying that people with
slight Scottish burrs age faster than Irishmen?

Actually I've got a friend at church, born and raised in Oregon and a
lifelong NW USA resident, about my age, of mixed Scottish and Chehalis
ancestry, who has a slight Scottish burr in his speech; and it gets more
marked when he goes to the Highland Games.

Well, this has been refreshingly off-topic! ;-)


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