Mitchif vs. French vs. English

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Sat Mar 6 11:59:24 UTC 1999

At 09:49 PM 3/5/1999 -0800, you wrote:
>Responding to the McDonald family:
>>>of PEI, and to Nova Scotia. I know some older people in their 30's who go to
>>>UPEI and speak with a slight Scottish burr.
>"Older people in their 30's"?  Now what does that mean? (I'm coming up on
>my 45th birthday here this month.)  Are you saying that people with
>slight Scottish burrs age faster than Irishmen?

No, I'm saying that people in their thirties are at least eleven years older
than me. :)

>Actually I've got a friend at church, born and raised in Oregon and a
>lifelong NW USA resident, about my age, of mixed Scottish and Chehalis
>ancestry, who has a slight Scottish burr in his speech; and it gets more
>marked when he goes to the Highland Games.

I can definitely believe that.

>Well, this has been refreshingly off-topic! ;-)

My apologies to anyone who's offended ...


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