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LaXayEm, msayka kanawi-Laksta na-siXs,

Hayash mehrsi khapa uk Dell Hymes, pus ya-mash nayka ukuk tEnEs-pipa.


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In Manual J. Andrade, QUILEUTE TEXTS (Columbia University Contributions to
Anthropology, Volume XII) (Columbia University Press, 1931), reprinted New
York: AMS Press, 1969, there is a Quileute text collected by Leo J.
Frachtenberg,'The Clatsop attack the Quileute' (#66, pp. 200 (Quileute) and
201 (English).
	The Clatsop come by boat.

That doesn't exclude coming by land, but makes coming by boat likely.

In Albert Valdman and Arnold Highfield (eds.) THEORETICAL ORIENTATIONS IN
CREOLE STUDIES (New York: Academic Press, 1980),pp. 406ff I discuss the
origin of Chniook Jargon and its relation to multilingualism in the area.
Pp. 410-13 take up the implications of the trade in dentalia, and of
lexical diffusion, between the Kwakiutl and Nootka area and that of the

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