Colorful old anecdote

David Robertson drobert at TINCAN.TINCAN.ORG
Wed Mar 10 05:26:34 UTC 1999

'...But when we come to this Shoulder or jump off We had a indina
boy about thirteen years old He pointed dow in the hollar and
seiz (Hyeu Siwash) From that it apeards as tho there was a thousand Devils
had come in combat ... Whilst the chief old joe roerd like a lion An Seze
in the Chenoke tungue This is my land my cuntry and we are a going to
Fight Till we di for it, com on. com on.'

--From the Quarterly of the Oregon Historical Society, volume 66, number
3, September 1965, page 223 [Thomas H. Smith, "An Ohioan's Role in Oregon
History", the writer being named Blair, I think].

All is spelled and punctuated as in the original.

The event in question is the "Battle of Evans Creek", August 24, 1853.

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