T.C. Elliott, "Journal of David Thompson"

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At 09:32 PM 3/9/99 -0800, David Robertson wrote:
>page 62:  'Thloos, good, Kummertacks __ I understand or know it,
>Knick-me-week-no-se-ye, far off.  Pesheek, bad.'
>In order, the pronunciations I know for these words are:
>The 3rd item puzzles me.  Does it contain /saya/ "far away"?  In any case,
>what are the initial four syllables?

I don't know what the '-no-' in the sequence might be - perhaps an
accidental English interpolation, or some kind of locally-use grammatical
particle (as would be the '-me-' in that case) - but the basic structure of
"naika wake siah" (I am not far; i.e. I'm close by) seems pretty clear.
Are there any local languages where there are grammatical particles
resembling this '-me-' and '-no-' within the circuit of Thompson's travels?

>This is from the Quarterly of the Oregon Historical Society, volume xv,
>number 1, March, 1914.
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