This week's quiz: Rudyard Kipling

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Fri Mar 12 06:08:01 UTC 1999

The poem appears in Kipling's 1901 novel, "Kim," at the top of
Chapter 9.  Its entire text is available at

Many of Kipling's other poems are available at

(Couldn't locate a copy of "From Sea to Sea" on-line, unfortunately,
though several of the included works might be around separately.)

Well, back to the grind, I'm playing hooky from my homework.



On Mon, 8 Mar 1999 23:38:14 -0800, you wrote:

>('I don't know if I like Kipling,' as the old joke goes, 'but I'd very
>much like to try some day.')
>S'doaks was the son of Yelth the wise --
>Chief of the Raven clan.
>Itswoot the Bear had him in care
>To make him a medicine-man.
>He was quick and quicker to learn --
>Bold and bolder to dare:
>He danced the dread Kloo-Kwallie Dance
>To tickle Itswoot the Bear!
>	--Kipling, "Oregon Legend"
>This week's quiz is:  How many of the non-English words in this poem can
>you identify and explain to the group?
>A tip of the hat to the _Journal of the Oregon Historical Society_, volume
>36, number 4, December 1935, pages 384 and 385, and especially to Lewis A.
>For more on Kipling in the Northwest, please see, for example, "From Sea
>to Sea; Letters of Travel" (The Works of Rudyard Kipling, volume 2);
>published in New York by Doubleday and McClure Company, 1899.  His
>subsequent conversation with Mark Twain is naturally priceless.
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