This week's quiz: Rudyard Kipling

David Robertson drobert at TINCAN.TINCAN.ORG
Tue Mar 9 07:38:14 UTC 1999

('I don't know if I like Kipling,' as the old joke goes, 'but I'd very
much like to try some day.')

S'doaks was the son of Yelth the wise --
Chief of the Raven clan.
Itswoot the Bear had him in care
To make him a medicine-man.
He was quick and quicker to learn --
Bold and bolder to dare:
He danced the dread Kloo-Kwallie Dance
To tickle Itswoot the Bear!
	--Kipling, "Oregon Legend"

This week's quiz is:  How many of the non-English words in this poem can
you identify and explain to the group?

A tip of the hat to the _Journal of the Oregon Historical Society_, volume
36, number 4, December 1935, pages 384 and 385, and especially to Lewis A.

For more on Kipling in the Northwest, please see, for example, "From Sea
to Sea; Letters of Travel" (The Works of Rudyard Kipling, volume 2);
published in New York by Doubleday and McClure Company, 1899.  His
subsequent conversation with Mark Twain is naturally priceless.


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