"Chinook moon", "Chinook saw"; "katchem"

David Robertson drobert at TINCAN.TINCAN.ORG
Tue Mar 9 06:38:23 UTC 1999

LhaXayEm!  Qhata mayka ukuk pulakli?

Hey, I've seen a lot of things referred to by the descriptor "Chinook".
It's a folksy classifier in the Northwest, much as "Indian" (in terms like
"Indian potato", "Indian ice cream", "Indian carrot", and so forth) is
throughout the West.

But what are a "Chinook moon" and a "Chinook saw"?

Father Le Jeune's "Chinook Rudiments" (I do understand that phrase :-) )
has on page 23 the following list of month names:

"1.	Sit'kom-kol-e'lehe moon
2.	Chinook moon
3.	Ayoo win moon
4.	Chi tepso moon [etc.]"

#2 appears to occur about February.

Thompson & Thompson's Thompson River Salish dictionary has an entry for
"Chinook saw"; any ideas about that?

Finally, back to Le Jeune's "Rudiments":  He includes the verb <kat'chem>
"catch" in his vocabulary list on page 13.  Elsewhere, in _Kamloops Wawa_,
I have seen him use a few other verbs ending apparently in English-derived
-em (<washem> is one, I think).  I know that some of you linguists must
have comments on this, no?


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