Hancock list words Part two (A-B-E)

Mike Cleven ironmtn at BIGFOOT.COM
Sat Mar 27 20:49:52 UTC 1999

Thanks to everyone for their responses concerning the last item on the
Hancock wordlist.  Today's sending is the odd words in A and B and E sections:

abad - destination (Kalapuya?)

abc - wood (pron. ubsh, sort of; can't repro the IPA here)

ada - to wait for

sha - interj. yes

ak - nephew

apeta - salmon eggs

apola - spitroast.  Lapellah?

ashak, ashuk (ashEk) - snow

atimin - dead

awolt - incapable

awuci (awutsi) - swan

bali, bEli, bili - striped, spotted

[no weird stuff in D]

ekon - already mentioned

eke - brother-in-law

ekskon - wooden

ekutotsh - a bad spirit

ekwonot, ekwEnEt - spring salmon

elake - sea otter

emay - chest, breast

emik - the back

emintepu - muskrat

emist, emits - nose, beak, prow

esal - come

esitsa - ill

etamana - prophet, seer

etsum - heart

eye (ayuh) - yes

Mike Cleven
ironmtn at bigfoot.com

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