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Mike Cleven ironmtn at BIGFOOT.COM
Sun Mar 28 03:46:49 UTC 1999

At 06:40 PM 3/27/99 -0800, terry glavin wrote:
>funny about "the lions." the twin peaks of the mountain came to be called
>the lions, but when i was growing up, an older term for the mountain
>persisted: it was "the sleeping beauty," the twin peaks being the beauty's
>breasts, but vancouver having been so british and ladeda, the lions - king
>george and the lion and all that rot - was rather more able to be discussed,
>how shall we say, in polite company.
>by jove, etc. etc.

I remember the thing about the breasts now - but the term "sleeping beauty"
is also applied to the profile of Mt. Seymour just to the east; the profile
of a sleeping woman is visible (so 'tis said) from the western part of the
city of Vancouver.......

However the name "the Lions" was given by George Vancouver, I think; or
someone of that vintage.

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