Mitchif vs. French vs. English

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On Thu, 11 Mar 1999 21:21:39 -0800 Jeffrey Kopp <jeffkopp at>
writes, in reply to Lisa's comment about "I've heard it said that this is
common because folks in the NW US speak Broadcast English.":

>Well (NW native myself), during my three years in S.E. Mass., I felt
that toward the end >I was getting a hint of an accent, but nobody else
seemed to hear it.

There or here?

>They could follow my speech just fine , but mangling a familiar local
place-name would >often cause momentary consternation, if not confusion.
(Or occasionally derision, as in >the case of the newcomer who pronounces
"Worcester" in full.)

Like folks who pronounce all the letters in "Sequim" ... or those who get
hopelessly lost in Puyallup...?

>I suspect that a southern accent is more quickly "contagious" because it
also has a >distinctive (and seductive) rhythm.

I was sorta kinda amused with the extar sylable given to certain one
sylable explitive deleteds.

>(Is "North-wet" a typo or a pun?  I love it.  Yes, we probably need
gills here.)

It is a pun.  And I do have gills ... and moss ... and webbed toes ...
and fingers.  And during the early part of summer I go a little crazy
because of the mildew drying out in my brain.


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