Mitchif vs. French vs. English

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On Fri, 12 Mar 1999 Nadja Adolf <nadolf at NAVITEL.COM> writes:

>Hold on their, Hoss.

<locking up the brakes> SKREEEEeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

>First, the PNW coastal speech *isn't* broadcast English -

It isn't?  What might then be a better general description for English as
spoken in the Pacific Northwet?

>there are subtle but meaningful differences in the handling of some
vowels, some >consonant emphases (?), and some dipthongs.

I'm real weak on the proper labels of parts of speach, but yeah, most of
the native I know *are* a little weak enunciating the sharp percussives;
it may be spelled SEATTLE but it's pronounced sea-AH-dl.

>As one moves east from the coast - say to Lynden, WA at the north, and
starting East of >the Cascades in Oregon, one comes into a prarie twang
region - and Lynden isn't that >far from the coast at all.

Cool.  I'm north-Seattle raised, Mom was raised in Ballard by folks who
came from Iowa via Idaho, Dad in north King County; his dad was from the
lowermainland up in BC, same for his mom, but her mom's folks came over
on the land bridge.

>North-wet? Not where I was born! High desert!

<kahkah tenas hehe>  Hiyu halo sick elip kloshe pechugh nika tupso kopa
mika tupso.
(Mamook nika cultus hehe.)

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