Coeur d'Alenes / Snchitsu'umsh & ChInuk Wawa

David Robertson drobert at TINCAN.TINCAN.ORG
Thu Mar 4 03:37:30 UTC 1999

LhaXayEm.  A source who would like to remain anonymous has generously
contributed this anecdote.  It's a fine one.  Enjoy!  --Dave

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Klahowya David,

I'm enjoying receiving the e-mails and now understand a bit more about the
Chinook List.

The comments about the Navajo trading post "language" were interesting;
particularly that some local Anglos thought  they were speaking Navajo.

The reverse has happened with some of the Coeur d'Alenes back in the late
1800's.   About a year ago , while talking with a tribal elder, I found that
CJ was spoken commonly with the people of the fur trade and early Anglo
settlers.  This elder mentioned his uncles talking Chinook, and joked that
early on "they thought they were speaking English"!  Mamook he he.

End papah,

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