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On Tue, 7 Mar 2000 Henry Zenk <psu18009 at> writes:

>Demers and Blanchet arrived in 1838 at Fort Vancouver, not Vancouver
>B.C.  Well, that's easily enough fixed.  

Well, three years later Demers did wind up at *least* in the general
vicinity of Vancouver BC.  

I don't have the exact date, but according to a biography* from the
Hudson Bay Company Archives, "Modeste Demers arrived on his mission to
the Fraser in September 1841".  One of the first things he did was
baptise my great great Aunt Marie and great great Uncle François, listing
them in the _Catholic Church Records of the Pacific Northwest, Vancouver,
Vols. I and II and Stellamaris MIssion_, (St. Paul, Oregon, French
Prairie Press, 1972, p 67, #60) as the children of "Etienne Maille and of
a Uiskwin woman."  Great great granddaddy Etienne "Quit Ta Heel" Pepin
aka Etienne Maillé was a man of many names and one temperment.  

As the priests generally signed their entries into the above mentioned
church tome, one might be able to figure out how long Demers plied his
mission "on the Fraser".


*Source: Microfiche Report Series 340 _Fort Langley: An overview of the
Operations of A Diversified Fur Trade Post 1848 to 1858 and The Physical
Context in 1858_ by Jamie Morton, page 263, in the second paragraph of
the bio on Etienne Pepin.  Copies of this report may be purchased from
the Hudson Bay Company Archives/Provincial Archives of Manitoba, see for details.  :)

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