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Date: Fri, 10 Mar 2000 15:33:48 -0800
From: Emmett Chase <echase at>
To: David Robertson <drobert at TINCAN.TINCAN.ORG>
Subject: Lack of universal support

The idea that the development and proliferation of  the jargon is
not embraced by all as Good Thing is born out by the comments of George
Quocksister (Laichwiltach traditionalist of Campbell River).  In a
copyrighted article, "Man fights for recognition of his people" by Malcolm
MacColl in vol. 2 of "Raven's Eye" (05-01-1998), p 3, he is quoted as an
Elder who holds Wawa in low esteem.  It was designed for stealing (the
"bounty of the land") and used for that purpose by the traders, trappers,
missionaries, et. al.  The use of the "little booklets," along with various
imported diseases, contributed to the loss of the native languages which,
Mr. Quocksister argues, defined tribal borders.  This disappearance of
tribal borders (which opened the way for governmental interference in the
form of the Indian Act and "modern First Nations politics") was the "sole
purpose" of the Wawa, says Mr. Quocksister.  As the words of the original
languages were lost, so were the links which connected the Indians to the
land.  )Mr. Quocksister continues in the article to provide his view of the
Kwakuitl as "a hodgepodge of bands" and "squatters" who have lost touch
with their tribal histories.)
	The study of and support for Chinook Jargon clearly has its
adherents, myself among them.  But this attitude is by no means universal.


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