Tatoosh aylan yaka neym, II. sItkEm

David Robertson drobert at TINCAN.TINCAN.ORG
Mon Mar 29 16:17:40 UTC 1999

LhaXayEm wEXt!

I would like to share a story with you that a good friend (Adam, who was
at the first ChInuk Lu7lu) has told me.

This relates to the many names Tatoosh Island has had, and the many
interpretations people have given them.  Early on, the island was
frequently called Isla de [los] Dolores / Ile des Douleurs:  "Island of
Sufferings"; a bit later, "Duncan's Rock".

Scott Tyler mentions that the family of someone named Tatoosh from
Nuu-chah-nulth territory had occupied the island at some point.  I wonder
whether his name meant something different from "breasts"!

My friend tells me he's visited "Cannonball Island" over there, which I'm
imagining refers to the USA military use of the island as a bombing range.
(I'm rusty on these details.)  But he points out that the north side of
the island has odd rock formations from which spherical accretions erode
and roll around in the surf!

Go figure.  Lhush san,

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