Non-IE words in Early Celtic

Dennis King donncha at
Mon Feb 8 22:01:16 UTC 1999

I can't match Rick Mc Callister's list of non-Indo-European words in
Germanic, but here are a few items that Kim McCone has drawn attention
to in Celtic, with his reconstructions of their earlier forms.

Words found only in Insular Celtic:

*ma^ni^  >  Irish "mo/in" (peat; bogland)
            Welsh "mawn" (peat)

*me^no-  >  Irish "mi/an" (desire; object of desire)
            Welsh "mwyn" (gentle, dear; delightful)

*banwa^  >  Irish "banb" (young pig)
            Welsh "banw" (young pig)

A word found in Common Celtic:

*makwo-  >  Gaulish "Maponos"
            Irish "mac" (son)
            Welsh "mab" (son)

A word found in Western European only:

*wa^t-  >  Latin "vatis" (seer)
           Irish "fa/ith" (seer)
           Welsh "gwawd" (song, poetry)
           Irish "fa/th" (maxim)
           AnSax "wo^d" (frenzy)
           AnSax "wo^th" (poem)

Dennis King

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