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Fri Jan 29 22:46:13 UTC 1999

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>  Actually, many people in the U. S. *do* notice it.  My wife, who is not a
>  linguist, has commented on not only the change of [hw-] to [w-], but also
>  the more recent change of [hj-] to [j-] in words such as _huge_.  It is not
>  noticed by those who do not have it.

I notice it but I and many others rarely use /hw/ in Manitoba anymore. I
find the /hw/ pronunciation overly pronounced. I prefer to mangle all my
words if possible. The /hj/ > /j/ change and the /hw/ > /w/ are not
hand-in-hand since here, the pronunciation of "huge" is definitively
/hju:d3/, not /ju:d3/, unless one is constipated. :)

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